28 August 2012

Illustration Friday: TALL

It's been quite a while since I've done an Illustration Friday Drawing.  I honestly haven't had time.   I guess I still don't have the time, but I needed to get myself into a good drawing head space. So, what the heck.  might as well whip up something fast..... it would be fun.  I haven't been able to draw something "for fun" in quite some time.
  It used to be the case that I'd try to make all my Illustration Friday drawing refer back to a Greek Myth. The box just seemed a little too confining.  So, I just started drawing and let the my mind wander a little.  When I woke up, this guy was staring back at me, and I was half way through with coloring him.  I like to think that he's one of those whole grain fed viking kids whose parents moved to America when he was in middle school, so now he's a giant among dwarfs.

  The key word: Tall.
 Hope you like this pictorial missive.


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Anonymous said...

That's a nice drawing dude.
The IF theme is a real good way to draw for "fun" in my opinion.
A nice simple challenge to look forward to each week.
I look forward to seeing more of yer' stuff.