29 August 2012


Flush the Streets So, This one is called, well, I guess now it's called Flush the Streets, or something. Previously it was called Come Hell or High Water, but Flush the Streets sounds more Poetic.... it looses some of the Apocalypto Global Warming message though.. but whatever.
  Personally, I think that Stephe just came up with this idea cause he was like, "Hey, I wanna draw some waves and Octopus tentacles."  (Two things that I make fun of him for drawing) and then he was like, "Alright, add some buildings, and the empire state building, and....Neptune. Why not?"  And boom, Illustration done.
  Okay. so scratch that.  Stephe got a little mad at me for writing that and he lobbed a banana peel at me.  Um... he spent a lot of time thinking about this graphic and it somehow relates to another one he did where the city is snowbound and theres a Yeti thing or somethin.
  I guess he always liked that Nature-Takes-Over vibe, but didn't like the way the yeti composition looked, so he took another stab at the idea with this one.
  If you check out some Aquaman Comics, you'll also see that he took that type treatment and just dropped in right in as the ZOO YORK.
  Alright, that's all i got.  I hope this passes the muster.  I'm gonna be late to work tomorrow cause I was finishing up this post at home.... Hope that's okay Mr. Halker.


Talking about nature taking over.... check out this awesome Koala.

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