15 August 2008


sketchferral, originally uploaded by Stephen Halker.

My friend Janie sent me this post about a Floridian Feral Child named Danielle. Police rescued her from a filth ridden excuse for a shack where she lived a life of neglect. She was so feral that she wouldn't make eye contact, didn't react to heat or cold or pain, wouldn't vocalize, and didn't understand the concept of nodding "yes" or "no".
It's an amazing story that I couldn't stop reading. I drew this sketch soon after reading the story.

Cockroach artist series

Zoo York board, originally uploaded by Stephen Halker.

The ZOO Artist Series boards just came out! Mine was chosen for Zered Bassett. I thought it would be funny to use some of my Scientific Illustration techniques on a cockroach, but all the guts are completely imaginary.... Now that i think of it, that's not very different from my regular Scientific work...... completely imaginary.

as a side note: I did a lot of research for this piece and found out:
* A cockroach can live for up to 30 days with its head missing.
* There is not way of telling if a cockroach has emotions, because it's exoskeleton prevents it from expressing them.