13 June 2008

Shine on

This Tuesday, June 17th, I will be joining in the My Brightest Diamond CD release party by painting faces. Last week MBD played to a crowded house at Other Music. During the show, Shara announced that she already had circus performers and a puppeteer, but was missing a face painter. After the show, that positions was filled..... by yours truly.

please come to be part of the festivities. You won't be disappointed.

The show starts at 8:30 at the Blender Theatre. 23rd and Lex.

12 June 2008

How many times can you renew a book at the Brooklyn Public Library?

95 times.
Unfortunately, after only having books on loan for a mere 3 to 4 years, the BPL wants them back. Honestly, who else is going to rent out banjo sheet music books? Still, the "Man" wants them back.


06 June 2008

OK, so I just remembered that I actually have one of these blogs. It looks like my last posting wasn't correct. The first post isn't so bad. It's that whole "following up" that's difficult. Let's see if I can try harder this time.