28 August 2012


City Protector Hey All,
  Stephen's been too "slammed with work" (that's his own phrase) to be able to continue to update his blogs and stuff, so he gave the task to me.  Right now he's drawing some monster or something.
  Anyways, This graphic was done for Zoo York as part of a second Artist Series, cause the first one did really good.  After coming up with 7 board designs, they were like, "Hey, come up with 6 more of these Monster-Destroying-the-City Tshirts."
   And he was like, "Okay".
I think it's a little hard to figure out how to make more than 7 of these comic things, but Stephen didn't seem phased.  I left the studio that night at around 6ish.... and when i came back two days later, he already had the sketches ready to go for me to put into the Creative Brief.
  More (and Sketch) after the break

Out of the whole group he made for this series, I like this one the best. Probably cause I had some input on the final.  The Sketch reminded me of the Power Rangers. So I said that Stephe should use the Power Rangers logo as the Type treatment... and he was like, "okay".
  Stephe said it was more of a Voltron reference, and that I was too young to know anything about good cartoons.  He showed me a clip of Voltron and I still think that the Power Rangers is better.   Maybe its just whatever you grew up with.  IDK.

I also like that this guy isn't destroying the city. he's protecting it.  I guess it's not really apparent in the final, but the name of this guy is City Protector.  Fighting villains with a Bat, a Rat, a Flame and a Spray can.
Honestly, Power Rangers is Way Better, right guys? Stephe has no idea what he's talking about.

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