08 July 2010


Well, I'm off to see the the Wind come sweeping down the Plain.

Knock 'em Dead Kristine!


"You're in our talons now, and we're never letting go." -this is the refrain that was stuck in my head while I was making this design.

I've been doing a quite a few bird drawings lately for different brands. It's a little mini trend, i guess.

This one that just came out. It's the famous birds of brooklyn. A while ago, a crate of Monk Parrots broke apart and the parrots escaped into the wilds of Kings County. They've been thriving here ever since. I often see them chirping in the trees while walking through Park Slope.

Illustration Friday: Giant

This weeks Illustration Friday is another quick one. It's been crazy at the studio this week, so I don't have very much time for experiments, which stinks cause I got real excited to do something about GIANTS.
I tried to recall all of the giants that I could remember. The one that caught my interest was Orion. His story is so old and convoluted that there are quite a few versions of his life and death. From what i could deduce, Orion is a throw back to old PreAgricultural days; a wild hunter and protector of the wilderness. In most of the stories, he becomes blind and has to be led to Helios by a servant named Cedalion. That's the part that stood out to me, A huge Giant that became so helpless and lame that he needs to rely on a puny human in order to get healed. It reminds me of the fable of the lion and the mouse.... another classic.
Well, here's my attempt. I hope to finish this illustration soon.... unfortunately, right now it's more of a glorified color study.

03 July 2010

RIP RammellZee

New York used to be a Breeding Ground for Unique Individuals who defied explanation. They were the type of souls who made you realize just how freakishly normal you really are.
I first heard of RammellZee while watching a graffiti documentary. Even though the film was filled with a lot of rebellious street kids, RammellZee still out shined all of them. This dude just lives on a different planet than the rest of us.
I don't know, but you gotta kind of envy a guy like that who can be so true to himself.