21 October 2008

Bruce Almighty

Through a myriad of miscommunications, I pumped out this illustration so fast that i didn't have time to get sick of it. From what i could gather from the Art Director at Complex magazine, January 9th is National Play God Day.???? (who knew?). The tag mentioned that it would be really peachy keen to use your godly powers to clothe the hungry or feed the naked. But instead of being so altruistic, it would be better to use your infinite powers to keep your girlfriend from finding out about your infidelity.
Sounds like a waste of Power to me. People keep up this miserable charade for years without the aid of infinite abilities.

15 August 2008


sketchferral, originally uploaded by Stephen Halker.

My friend Janie sent me this post about a Floridian Feral Child named Danielle. Police rescued her from a filth ridden excuse for a shack where she lived a life of neglect. She was so feral that she wouldn't make eye contact, didn't react to heat or cold or pain, wouldn't vocalize, and didn't understand the concept of nodding "yes" or "no".
It's an amazing story that I couldn't stop reading. I drew this sketch soon after reading the story.

Cockroach artist series

Zoo York board, originally uploaded by Stephen Halker.

The ZOO Artist Series boards just came out! Mine was chosen for Zered Bassett. I thought it would be funny to use some of my Scientific Illustration techniques on a cockroach, but all the guts are completely imaginary.... Now that i think of it, that's not very different from my regular Scientific work...... completely imaginary.

as a side note: I did a lot of research for this piece and found out:
* A cockroach can live for up to 30 days with its head missing.
* There is not way of telling if a cockroach has emotions, because it's exoskeleton prevents it from expressing them.

30 July 2008

Weak Meat Strong Eat

Here's another design I just cranked out for Fumanchu. I always wanted to have a reason to do this kind of Japanese tattoo looking stuff. I'm glad I got the chance.
I've started doing my sketches in photoshop, for i find it easier to keep track of my chaotic sketches when I can change colors and densities so easily. My pencil and pen sketches become such a mess of discussion that usually I can't figure out what I was trying to say.

29 July 2008


I've been fascinated with synesthesia for years now. It's said that you are either born with it, or you're not. Unfortunately, I stubbornly believe that any seed of a talent is able to be nurtured.... Here's to hoping.

I know that there isn't an orthodox color to letter system. And, in the same vein, no agreed upon color to sound relation, but here is my first venture into the concept. It's one of the common color scales from C to B.

25 July 2008

The Office

I forgot that a film crew was ever in my office space. Although (or maybe because) I'm rather camera shy, I'm usually seen only in the background; doodling on a lightbox or swordfighting. We took down a lot of the stuff on the walls that might be incriminating, but somehow the "I LOVE PETE" sign made out of rose pedals still managed to make quite a cameo.... what a mad house

Crazy Mormon OC Ska bands.

The Aqaubats played at one of the first shows i ever went to. It's crazy to see that they are still around.... and making cartoon. I always knew they had some screws loose, but this show is.... um... just check it out.

21 July 2008

Looky looky i got hooky

Check it out. A band in LA is using some pretty coooooool artwork for the design of their website. I wonder who this nameless illustrator could be???
i guess there's no use crying over spilt milk when you can bask in the joys of sarcasm.....
see for yourself

13 June 2008

Shine on

This Tuesday, June 17th, I will be joining in the My Brightest Diamond CD release party by painting faces. Last week MBD played to a crowded house at Other Music. During the show, Shara announced that she already had circus performers and a puppeteer, but was missing a face painter. After the show, that positions was filled..... by yours truly.

please come to be part of the festivities. You won't be disappointed.

The show starts at 8:30 at the Blender Theatre. 23rd and Lex.

12 June 2008

How many times can you renew a book at the Brooklyn Public Library?

95 times.
Unfortunately, after only having books on loan for a mere 3 to 4 years, the BPL wants them back. Honestly, who else is going to rent out banjo sheet music books? Still, the "Man" wants them back.


06 June 2008

OK, so I just remembered that I actually have one of these blogs. It looks like my last posting wasn't correct. The first post isn't so bad. It's that whole "following up" that's difficult. Let's see if I can try harder this time.