16 December 2012

Illustration Friday: SNOW

snow Here's a quick illustration friday drawing... .Not the most well put together, but I had a free afternoon and was hoping to pump out a quick drawing.

Somehow, the colors got all sorts of screwy when I uploaded it to the web.  I guess you gotta be careful with those cyans and magentas.  The first time I uploaded it, the pinks in his face were popping so much that I had to go back and desaturate them to this extremely vivid color.  But the cyans... well nothing i did could help them.

 Note to self, be wary of cyan.

   Not the best, but a fun way to spend the afternoon, hope you like it.  The keyword: SNOW

04 December 2012


Liberty Light   Finally, I've gotten through writing up Stephe's Artist Series.  I don't even know if they are still available, so why does Stephe want me to type these up?  Just a sec.  I'll go ask him.

Okay, so apparently it doesn't matter that much.  As in, it's fine that it's late. It would've been better if I'd've  promoted the designs while they were actually at stores, but probably someone else has taken care of that and this site is really more about cataloging the designs rather.  But, next time, I should sit on this stuff, so long..... story of my life.

Anyways, this design is my favorite of all of them. Have I said that before? I hope not.  There's something that just seems really old about this one.  I like the pose and expression and everything.  And the colors are pretty cool too.  I would probably even wear this one.  Sure it's a little loud. But every once in  a while you need a loud shirt, right.  I also think the halftone pattern would feel really cool if it were printed kind of thickly.

  I know everyone is asking, "So Eddie, what did you do on this one?" And the answer is..... nothing. I was out of town.  The only thing i remember is looking at the reference material and then coming back to teckpack the finished design.  Maybe that's why I like it so much. (sketches and stuff after the link)

02 December 2012


Grin and Bear It Okay, so it's been a while.... I feel like the last time I posted some actual graphics on here, it was, like,... Summer or something.
    Here's how my life goes. Stephe will finish up some projects and get super psyched about having a "web presence" again(especially since some japanese domain scalper stole his website name). So while he's working up some Creative Briefs and sketches, he tells me to start blogging and tumbling and whatnot. So then, I've gotta make up a bunch of stuff about all these illustrations, even though usually I have no idea what to say. A lot of times, he'll just laugh when I show him what I've written, but every so often, if I catch him on a bad day, he'll make me rewrite these blog posts over and over again until they're "right". whatever that means. It's your money, dude.
   Well, it's been Crazy-go-Nuts around here all fall. I've gone from t-shirt and jeans to puffy coats and scarfs, and yet, I still haven't had the time to write up posts on designs that dropped in the summer.

   Anyways, What's this piece? Grin and Bear it. Aaah yes, Grin and Bear it. That was a good one. We played around with colors for that one for a few days. If I can find all the color treatments, I'll drop them at the bottom of this post. While I was coming up for colorways for this one, Stephe was in one of those moods I mentioned above. The one where he wants to fine tune everything and can't be pleased. I guess it's good, and I end up learning a thing or two about color theory from it. But sometimes I wish he'd just put the graphic to bed and deal with the A instead of the A+.