30 August 2012


Street King Here's the 3rd in that Artist Series Stephe did with Zoo York. This one, by far, wins the award for being the ugliest... I bet no one is gonna be turning this into a girls graphic any time soon.

  Originally, Stephe made this as a giant alligator, but the powers that be asked him to change it into a rat.... go figure.  Maybe rats have been proven to have more selling power than alligators? They're probably more "city iconic". Gators are sort of southern things, righ?  I wish it was still an alligator though, cause the rat is just kind of... too ugly.  Stephe could've done a nicer looking rat, i guess.  But the sketch of the alligator looked really cool. (check it out after the jump.)

  If you would also check out the buildings.  Those were done by yours truly (Eddie[Stephe's intern]) they are pretty much the best part of the whole drawing.  I also did a lot of the coloring, but Stephen went in and added all the halftoning.

  So anyways,  I think there's about 6 of these, so I'm half way finished with uploading them.  Come back next time for.....  I guess it'll be one of the skull ones.

  Damn that's an awesome albino aligator.


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