12 September 2012

Illustration Friday: IMAGINATION

Illustration Friday has crept upon me once again, and I fear i will not have enough time to finish this one off by the Thursday night deadline.  I think I bit off more than i could chew with this one, although I like it enough to hopefully finish it at a later date.... hopefully.  That line's been said too many times in the past, and rarely ever been true.
  This was another wandering image.  I didn't have much of an idea when I started the drawing.  When I was done sketching though, this is what emerged.  It's a little more biological than I thought it would be.  At first, I figured it would be more of a light pattern blasting from the head, i guess that didn't come to pass.

   The key word here: Imagination.

07 September 2012


Pay the Piper Oh man, Stephe's been working me hard the last few days cause we took off for Labor day. I guess he wants me to be grateful for my days of or somethin.  Nah, just kidding.  But the studio has been really crazy ever since we took Monday and Tuesday off.  For everyone who was waiting patiently for an update with a skull graphic, sorry for the delay.

  Anyways, Check out this punker Uncle Sam skeleton graphic.  The 99% must've been on his mind while coming up with this one. I like how this one sort of detours from the rest of the series by being a little more DIY and Zine inspired.   But it still fits in with the Captain America title font and the rest of the comic assets.
  This graphic popped out super quickly. I barely got to work on it at all. If you look at the sketch, it looks like Stephe just drew his final lines right over it.  All I got to do was figure out how to flip the colors for a 2 color Black background option. (which I think i did pretty well, thank you very much)

01 September 2012

IllustrationFriday: IDENTICAL

It seems that I can't stop drawing these Illustration Friday Drawings.  And though I've got a ton of stuff on my plate right now, lately I've had the strongest desires to do my own stuff.
  So, for the second week in a row, I'm turning back to Illustration friday to fulfill my whimseys. I'm pretty sure that this idea was already done a bunch of times over, and that the whole IF site if gonna be filled with a lot of "twins" drawings (well, and random drawings by jerks who just post whatever images they have while pretending to do the challenge).
  The first image that came to mind was the scary twins of the Shining. Yes, I know that most of the scariness is housed in their banality, but I wanted to add a bit more drama and otherworldly mystique.
  So, here you go.  Hope you like it, IF crowd.
You can find the sketch after the jump