02 June 2010

Covered Blog

Super Adventure Comic, originally uploaded by Stephen Halker.
A while ago, I became really fascinated with Octopi. I started drawing them after Matt Tapia at Fu Manchu asked me to do an Octopus and Carp design for him. Now I've done quite a few. They are really fun! Anyways.... I wanted to keep on with the trend, so i did this drawing for CoveredBlog. Its a more intense version of Super Adventure Comic #43. You can find the original cover here.
I love Covered blog. it's one of my favorite blogs. Some of the entries are sooooo far removed from the original cover it BLOWS YOUR MIND!
I can't wait to do another one.
thanks a lot Covered.


AG Fabrega said...

I can't believe no one's commented on this yet! I love how Batman's got the smug grin off his face and instead is the focus of the octopus' wrath. Much more dynamic than the original. Very cool. (And thanks for the tip on Coveredblog... wouldn't mind giving that a go as well).

whiteoctopus said...

This is really cool! Love the octopus!