10 June 2010

Illustration Friday:Trail

Did you ever hear about what happened when Apollo let his bastard son drive the Chariot of the Sun across the skies?  Trouble.  That's what happened.  A trail of Destruction.  
  I have always liked Greek myth, especially Ovid's Metamorphoses.  For years I've been saying that I should draw some of the stories, I just never have.  Illustration Friday seemed like it would be the perfect chance to do so....when it fits....
  I decided on a looser coloring approach.  Most of the coloring comes from the initial sketch.  Then I went in later, after I'd finished the line drawing, and cleaned up some of the colors.
Hope you like it.


whiteoctopus said...

I love greek and roman mythology as well! Great concept!

amba said...

Fabulous! brave horses :)