06 June 2010


A few months ago I received a Black Sketchbook from a friend of mine. Now, I think I have about 20 or 30 sketchbooks already, and almost all of them are about 40% full. No matter how small they are, somehow I can never get to the last page of any of them. What's the deal with that?????
So, when I got this new one, I decided that I would make a mission out of finishing it at soon as possible. I wasn't going to concern myself with how well every sketch was done, just so long as the book was finished. On top of that, I added another rule. I would use the same pen for the whole book. My pen of choice: a Pentel Brush Pen. -i would like to them, but i can't find them online.

anyways..... without further ado, Here's the meager beginning page of the sketchbook. Look for better pages coming soon.

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