25 May 2010

Illustration Friday:Early

In an attempt to have more fun with my illustration, and do something other than t shirt designs all day, I thought, "You know, Stephe, you should start doing some of these online call for entries. Live a little."

So, here's the first attempt. It's for Illustration Friday. They pick a word every week, and everyone has to illustrate the word before the next Friday comes. This weeks word was:EARLY.


Sally Taylor said...

Fantastic first submission! Very creative!

Illustrator/ Graphic Designer said...

hey thanks.
I'm really excited to participate in these projects.

Alice Ratterree said...


WaiHon said...
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WaiHon said...

I like this very much!
so dramatic and nice!!
Have a nice draw!!

JNESS said...

Great piece, nice take on the subject.