01 June 2013

Sorry it's been a while...EDDDIIIIEEE!!!!

I just got an email from a reader of my blog who told me i needed to update this thing more regularly....  I'm sorry for my dalliances. I honestly didn't think anyone was reading this thing.  I just post stuff when I'm feeling bored and feel like I need to add some outward face to my work.
  Life has been pretty busy lately.  Eddie and I have been working on way too many projects, and he tends to make fun of me a bit too much in his posts so I gave him a break from it.   As it stands, I'll probably make him write up some posts for all the animation we've done with Doubleday and Cartwright over the past year.  He was supposed to post about that after he finished the comic book art stuff....
  Now there's quite a laundry list of work to chronicle.  If you're interested in my newer works. I tend to update my flickr and tumblr pages more often than this.

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