29 September 2010

Math Magic

"For the life of me, I will always find that the Golden Section remains illusive. I used to try to be more deliberate about using it in my compositions, but never quite got the hang of it. During one of my first seasons at Zoo York, I used it as the basis for a Blue Print inspired pattern.

This design was never made. It was supposed to be on a double layered windbreaker, the black was to be printed on a transparent top layer, with the blue printed under it. In the end, the production cost was astronomical, so it was canceled. :(

I was also in the middle of sketching out the Hooper Heroes comic book, so there are a few subi symbols hiding in the drawing..... they're really, really hard to find though.

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Christine said...

When I was younger, I remember thinking this video was hauntingly, mystically awesome. Math is deeply philosophical and connected to the meaning of the universe, I think. It's fascinating--I just wrote a post about the philosophical ideas I'm encountering in my Real Analysis class.