29 March 2010

and for passover....

Happy Holy week. Let's all celebrate with a good ol' fashioned religious video game. See how many Apostles you can score! Walk on Water! Feed the Masses! all in under 10 seconds.

(click on image for the link)

it took me a little while before i learned how to walk on water.


The Storialist said...

Hi Stephen,

I really like your illustrations! In my daily poetry blog, The Storialist, I write poems inspired by found images. My poem today links to your wonderfully-titled image, Dephoned. Have a look here:



The Storialist said...

Hi again! I also replied to you on my blog (I couldn't find your contact info on your site).

Please feel free to post the poem with your image (and a link to my site or my name, if you don't mind?).